Celina Water Transmission Improvements

Garver, LLC
Celina, TX
Public Works , Surveying ,

1519 Surveying, LLC (1519) completed the design survey of approximately 27,000 linear feet for the purpose of a new water transmission line in the City of Celina. This project adjoined two TxDOT-controlled roads, crossed the proposed Dallas North Tollway, and crossed the railroad right-of-way within the original Celina city limits. 1519 established control points and benchmarks at 1,000-foot intervals. Horizontal coordinates were established using GPS and vertical values were established by conventional leveling. 1519 researched public records to obtain the deeds of current property owners, plats, and existing easements within the project limits. Property corners were recovered, boundary lines were resolved, and a digital property map was created. The topographic survey was completed using the use of drone technology and on-the-ground surveying methods, and included the location of pavement edges, curb and gutter, fences and walls, sidewalks, buildings, creeks, tops and toes of slopes, spot elevations, trees six (6) inches and larger, surface locations of utilities, flowlines of existing sanitary and storm sewer manholes where accessible, and other surface features affecting design.

1519 prepared thirty-one (31) documents for permanent easements, temporary construction easements, and right-of-way acquisitions, and was also responsible for platting two properties along the proposed route for the City of Celina and private landowners. 1519 staked monuments for all right-of-way acquisitions and plats, staked the location of easements and property lines for limits of construction, and provided construction staking as needed.

1519 also performed the survey of the Level “A” and Level “B” utilities that were marked by a private subsurface utility engineering firm. This included surveying the locations of the marked utility lines, test holes, and locations of all surface utilities within the project limits.

The design survey was divided into three phases with aggressive schedules and 1519 was able to meet all timelines and budgets. Additionally, 1519 completed all documents within a two week time frame.