China Spring Water Main Replacement

Aqua Texas
China Spring, TX
Engineering , Public Works , Surveying ,

1519 was contracted by Aqua Texas through an ID/IQ contract to provide Civil Engineering for the upgrade of existing water lines servicing a growing area of north Waco. The pipeline upgrade consisted of two lines both upgrading from 4″ to 6″ pipe: one line of 2,800 linear feet and another line of 4,800 linear feet.

Before design could begin 1519 had to produce a comprehensive topographic survey of the proposed routes including:

• All surface features (roads, creek, drainage channels, culverts, etc.)
• Indication of Access (curb cuts, driveways, etc.)
• All Substantial Visual Improvements
• Utility Locations, Fiber Optic Marker, Manholes, Flowline Direction and Pipe Size, Gate Valves, Markers & Signs

Additionally, 1519 performed all boundary survey work and created easement exhibits for the private parcels located on the proposed route, established TxDOT right-of-way and provided monumentation for newly created easements per the TBPLS rules. 1519 survey crews staked the location of 5 soil borings, existing utilities and the new water line route to ensure construction was within the easement and at proper depth.

The civil portion of the projected consisted of design for water system improvements, traffic control plans, erosion control, construction specifications, permitting services and preparation of record drawings.

The water system design included abandonment of multiple smaller water mains, as well as proposed water line civil plan and profile sheets for the rerouting and installation of the new Aqua Texas main along county-maintained streets located within The City of Waco Extraterritorial jurisdiction and TxDOT controlled Spur 1637.

Highway borings, efficient relocation of valves, and reconnect of feeder mains to the system were among several aspects utilized to establish a more economic and sustainable product for Aqua Texas.

After design completion, 1519 managed communication and administrative work to bid out the construction of the water line extension to qualified contractors. We reviewed and ranked all bids based on predefined criteria and selected which contracting firm we thought had the most experience and offered the best value for the scope of work required. The experience and relationships cultivated over years of serving this industry were instrumental in the seamless coordination and permitting through TCEQ, The City of Waco, McLennan County and TXDOT.