City of Moulton Boundary Surveys

Moulton, Texas
Surveying ,

The City of Moulton is located in Lavaca County, Texas, and sits 90 miles east of San Antonio. The purpose of this project was to develop an oil/gas unit for horizontal well drilling for the client.

1519 Surveying, LLC (1519) completed boundary surveys of 584-acres within the city limits. During the span of nine months, there were anywhere between 1 to 4 field crews on-site weekly. Field crews and Survey Techs researched public records to obtain the deeds of current property owners, plats and existing easements within the project limits. Over 1,000 boundary monuments were recovered as well as right-of-way monuments and adjoining property corners. 1519 solved boundary lines for over 600 tracts of land, covering about 90% of The City of Moulton.

1519 CAD Technicians researched over 700 recorded deeds, which were then individually sketched using AutoCAD computer software. The data was used to create a digital property map for the client, and the final plat included 523 individually owned parcels within the unit.