Coca-Cola Plant Expansion

The Coca-Cola Company
Waco, Texas
Aerial , Development , Engineering , Surveying ,

1519 provided work for the Coca-Cola bottling plant located on the corner of Imperial and Hewitt Drive. Our Surveyors and Engineers provided services for a parking lot, building expansion, detention ponds, and future development at the plant. One of the key unique challenges to this project was the fact that this was an operating plant with a high amount of truck traffic in our project area. As such, it was next to impossible to conduct the needed survey work with traditional methods and maintain a safe working environment. We used one of our UAVs to collect the required topographic data and other site features needed for Civil Design.

Civil Design/Surveying Services Included:
• General Construction Notes
• Dimension Control Plan
• Site Utility Design
• Planning & Zoning ordinances
• Pre/Post Drainage Calculations
• Modified Rational Method Detention Design
• TxDOT had to approve since we were along a TxDOT ROW
• Paving Design
• Grading Plan
• Water, Sanitary & Sewer
• Closed Conduit Storm Drain System Design
• Had to avoid an 8” water main that supplied the entire plant
• Erosion Control Plan
• Landscape & Irrigation Plans
• Construction Specifications
• Permitting Services