EDF Sandow 1

EDF Renewables
August-September 2019
Aerial , Renewable Energy , Surveying ,

The combination of cutting-edge Lidar technology and UAV services allowed 1519 to conduct topo graphic surveys throughout EDF’s 2,000 acres of land. A large portion of the terrain was covered with timber, which typically causes difficulty and inefficiency for field crews doing traditional topographic surveying. However, 1519’s UAV services resulted in the efficient collection of accurate survey data.

In addition, the UAV was also able to capture up-to-date high-resolution Orthoimagery on the proposed site. This imagery, along with the topographic data, allowed the client to make informed decisions on site feasibility and proposed panel layout.

Of course, the timing of receiving these deliverables was a critical component to the start of this project. Utilizing our UAV fleet was the only feasible method to meeting the client’s deadline requirements. Detailed deliverables were provided in the necessary timeframe and the client was able to meet initial closing and filing deadlines.