Hyatt Place Hotel

Dhanyavad Development, LLC
Waco, TX
Aerial , Development , Engineering , Surveying ,

The new Hyatt Place Hotel is to be built in historic downtown Waco, Texas behind Ninfa’s Restaurant, and across the street from the Phoenix Ballroom. This project is surrounded by Waco landmarks, iconic buildings and very near to the Magnolia Market, which often attracts tens of thousands of visitors per month. Throughout the design phase, 1519 Surveying and Engineering (1519) coordinated with the client and The City of Waco to ensure both party’s requirements were met. One unique aspect of this project is that it falls under the City of Waco’s Mary Avenue Improvement Initiative, which aims to beautify the street and streetscape by paying homage to the rich history of Waco while also setting functional standards and meeting the needs of the city and local business owners.

1519 kicked off this project by conducting a boundary and topographic survey of the downtown parcel. The data for this survey was captured by 1519 field-crew members and high-tech aerial vehicles flown by FAA certified pilots. By combining traditional survey knowledge and the latest LiDAR technology, 1519 was able to deliver all the necessary data in a time-efficient manner to be processed for a full set of civil construction plans.

The civil engineering portion consisted of a 27,000 square foot building footprint that extended vertically 7 floors. Since the building took up the entire property,1519 engineers designed an underground detention system to manage excess stormwater runoff on the developed site. The client was able to pay into The City of Waco’s Downtown Stormwater Improvement Fund rather than pay for construction of on-site detention. 1519 engineers also constructed a 400-foot sanitary sewer main extension along with on-site utilities. Another integral part of the hotel development was incorporating aspects of the Mary Avenue Improvement Initiative within the project’s blueprint. 1519 engineers worked with architects to integrate abandoned railroad tracks, located on the edge of the property, into the design in-order-to preserve this piece of Waco history.