Northgate Campground and RV Park

Northgate Waco, LLC
Waco, TX
Aerial , Development , Engineering , Surveying ,

1519 Surveying, LLC (1519) was hired by Northgate Waco, LLC through a competitive bid process to provide Land Surveying and Civil Engineering to support the development of the site, the CLOMR/LOMR study, and submittals. The proposed 217-acre project is located on the banks of the Bosque River with large portions of the subject property lying in FEMA flood zone AE and some portions lying within the floodway of the Bosque River.

The client’s master plan included a 109-acre campground and RV park along the river with the remaining acreage to be developed into commercial and/or multi-family properties at some time in the future. The client desired to maximize developable land by removing as much of the property from the FEMA designated floodplain as possible through an extensive flood study and CLOMR/LOMR submittal.  As part of the CLOMR submittal, a Floodplain Reclamation Study of the entire site was conducted along with a Waters of the US determination.

1519 also conducted a boundary survey and topographic survey of the site, along 9,500 linear feet of the Bosque River. Due to the majority of the acreage being farmland, we utilized an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to capture topographic data over most of the property. The remaining topographic data along the river’s edge was gathered using a traditional surveying field crew and equipment. The challenging issue on this project was gathering the topographic cross-sections of the river.  The constant high-water levels of this river (it is dammed downstream and fluctuates very little) required a remote-control boat with hydrographic surveying equipment attached to collect the topography of the river bottom along this two-mile stretch of river. Additionally, since this area had never been developed, there were very mature trees throughout the site that the City of Waco requested be saved if possible. Thus, we conducted a tree survey establishing the tree type, tree diameter at chest height, and the dripline of each tree’s canopy, along with a database detailing this information. There were 492 trees surveyed and catalogued for this requirement.