TxDOT FM 549

Rockwall, TX
Public Works , Surveying ,

1519 Surveying, LLC (1519) completed the right-of-way mapping, legal descriptions, and parcel plats for two miles of right-of-way acquisitions for FM 549, from State Highway 205 to State Highway 276, for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). 1519 field crews obtained right-of-way entry for 70 parcels, communicated with property owners, verified existing TxDOT control monuments, provided topography for new developments and improvements along the existing and proposed right-of-way, located existing right-of-way monuments and property corners to verify the existing right-of-way, and staked monuments for the existing and proposed right-of-way for FM 549. Office staff researched property adjoining FM 549, completed thirty-two (32) documents for right-of-way acquisitions and drainage improvements, nine (9) documents for right-of-way affidavit parcels, and created the right-of-way map for the project.

All right-of-way maps and documents were tied to the project baseline (FM 549 centerline) by station and offset. On a preliminary site visit, 1519 identified a cemetery that was not identified by a previous surveyor. Communicating this issue with TxDOT as soon as it was discovered allowed them to redesign the right-of-way at the beginning of the project and avoid any delays in schedule. 1519 provided weekly progress reports to the TxDOT project manager and monthly progress reports with all invoices, confirming that 1519 was meeting project timelines and deliverables.