U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Lease Renewal

City of Waco
Waco, TX
Public Works , Surveying ,

1519 Surveying, LLC (1519) completed the boundary survey of 369-acres of land in McLennan County in order for the City of Waco to renew a lease agreement with the United States of America (property maintained by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) to use property for two city parks and two hike and bike trails.

1519 began this project by coordinating with USACE to obtain property records of the United States of America property and to coordinate right of entry.  The Registered Professional Land Surveyors (RPLSs) also researched McLennan County Clerk records to obtain adjoining land records. CAD technicians provided deed sketches and search ties for the field crews prior to accessing the sites. Field crews located USACE monuments, right-of-way monuments, property corners, the fence lines surrounding the City park, and the pavement of the hike and bike trails.

1519 RPLSs determined boundary lines and right-of-way lines and created a property map for the project. Once the property map was complete, CAD technicians created the exhibits for the overall lease boundaries and 1519 RPLSs wrote the legal descriptions. After all exhibits and legal descriptions were completed, a QA/QC was performed to ensure that there were no errors in the surveys.

Final deliverables included an exhibit and legal description for the two City parks, an exhibit and legal description for the two hike and bike trails, a CAD file for the boundary and improvements, an ASCII point file for all of the information collected by the field crews, and a copy of field notes and field sketches.