Wildhorse/Hawkwood Lease Trade

WildHorse Resources Management Company, LLC
Burleson County, TX
Oil & Gas , Surveying ,

1519 Surveying, LLC (1519) completed the expedited boundary survey of over 2,300-acres of land in Burleson County for the purpose of completing a lease trade agreement between two energy companies. 1519 was able to meet the two-month schedule for this project by utilizing multiple field crews, CAD technicians, and Registered Professional Land Surveyors (RPLSs). At the beginning of the project, 1519 RPLSs worked with landmen and title researchers to obtain the appropriate research. 1519 CAD technicians provided deed sketches and search ties for the field crews prior to accessing the sites. Field crews located evidence such as property corners, right-of-way monuments, rivers, fences, and roads to be analyzed by the RPLS. 1519 RPLSs determined boundary lines and right-of-way lines and created a property map for the project. Once the property map was complete, CAD technicians created the exhibits for the overall boundaries and interior lease trades, and 1519 RPLSs wrote the legal descriptions for the boundaries.

After all exhibits and legal descriptions were completed, a QA/QC was performed to ensure that there were no errors in the surveys. To provide a more efficient effort, 1519 utilized their GIS website to organize and maintain incoming field data, track boundaries and mineral leases that had been completed, load shapefiles so that the client could track our progress and maintain time and expenses. 1519 also utilized Lecia Exchange so that data could be sent directly to the field crews’ data collectors, so that they didn’t have to make trips back and forth to the office.

The deliverables for the project included metes and bounds descriptions and exhibits of each overall boundary of the lease agreement, signed, and sealed by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor.