3D Laser Scanning

Services Offered:

  • Topographic Surveys

  • Volumetric Surveys

  • Transmission Line Surveys

  • Earthwork Calculations

  • Asset Mapping

  • Additional Services Available, Contact Us For More Information

1519 provides 3D reality capture solutions and actionable data that empower you to reliably document, design and build. Using the latest 3D scanning equipment and software, our team of experts can collect precise data and create non-intrusive, detailed surveys of even the most hazardous surfaces and complex structures. From rail corridors and complex industrial sites to dams and power grids, we can deliver fully colored, 3D visualizations of the surveyed objects.

3D laser scanning can benefit a wide range of applications, which is why we’ve made it a priority to offer both traditional and aerial scanning. With our advanced technology and equipment, we can cover a lot of ground in a short time. Our experience in this area provides you with insight to determine which application is right for you.

When you need to scan large areas in a short amount of time, 3D Laser Scanning performed by 1519’s team of experts is your answer. We can do it all, so get in touch today so we can help you with your project.