A Legacy of Innovation for Over 40 Years.

1519 is a Certified Small Business Entity focused on providing exceptional service while meeting the highest industry safety standards. We have been serving Texas municipalities, townships, counties, state agencies and private enterprises for more than 40 years with a diversely talented and qualified staff who bring an extensive range of professional services to bear for our clients. These services include: Land SurveyingAerial SurveyingLaser ScanningCivil Engineering and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

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Background Behind Our Name

Alonso Alvarez de Pineda, a Spanish explorer and cartographer, created the first map of Texas and the Gulf Coast region. In early 1519, Pineda left Jamaica and sailed west toward the tip of Florida.  Pineda followed the Gulf coastline from the Florida Keys and eventually sailed into a lush semi-tropical bay, which he named Corpus Christi Bay. Pineda’s expedition established important boundaries of the Gulf of Mexico including the verification that Florida was a peninsula instead of an island.  He was the first European to see the coastal areas of western Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

1519’s approach to business is representative of Pineda’s legacy, an innovative explorer who accurately defined important boundaries while demonstrating the highest standards of integrity.

Our Team

1519 is committed to providing superior service and expertise across the areas of civil engineering, oil & gas, surveying and more. The breadth and depth of our market knowledge combined with our experienced team sets us apart. When you put 1519 to work on your job site or project, you can count on reaching high-quality, timely service. We do it the right way, every time.