Our Safety Policy

At 1519, we strongly believe safety is every employee’s responsibility.

As such, everyone on our team is trained to assess job risks and take the necessary precautions to prevent accidents and injuries.  Our safety expectations for all 1519 employees are centered around the following standards:

  • Industry leading safety training
  • Reporting of near-misses or potential hazards encountered
  • Zero Lost-time accidents

1519 is dedicated to ensuring we employ the highest safety standards within our industry.  Our company knows that we are accountable for educating, training and continually promoting a safe workplace environment.  1519’s Safety Leadership Team is constantly monitoring client and industry safety regulations in order to implement them in our daily practices in the field and in the office. Every 1519 employee has mandatory safety training upon hire, is required to attend monthly safety meetings and has weekly safety “toolbox talks” before beginning their work week.  On a daily basis, each crew fills out a Job Safety Analysis before beginning their work in order to identify potential risks and hazards they may encounter that day.

1519 is registered in the PEC Safety system, ISNetworld System and the Browz safety system.  These third-party systems help our clients minimize risk, assist 1519 in complying with client-specific safety mandates and strengthen relationships with current and future clients.

By making safety a core value of our company, 1519 ensures that all projects are conducted responsibly and meet client expectations.   Zero lost-time accidents is always our standard!